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Funding for business development projects in Cornwall
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Funding for busines development projects in Cornwall

Find out more about BIG Productivity's Advanced Advisory Service

BIG Productivity's Advanced Advisory Service offers free consultancy tailored to your business needs.

We asked one of the Advanced Advisory Service consultants, Nigel Woodruff, to give us the lowdown on how this business support service can benefit SME’s in Cornwall. 

So, what is the Advanced Advisory Service?

At the Advanced Advisory Service, our mission is to help businesses in Cornwall to increase productivity through our unique support service.  We can help you by offering 12 hours of FREE consultancy, tailor made to your business needs.

How the Advanced Advisory Service will benefit your business

Our service is aimed to help Cornish SME’s with a distinct challenge they are looking to solve. We do this by providing each business with a dedicated consultant who has experience in the relevant sector - helping you to solve your business challenges.  There are lots of ways we can help.

We offer solutions for the following challenges and more.

Innovation.  We’ll show you how to develop a new product or service

Efficiency. Learn how to increase production, productivity and save money

Leadership.  Support for professional development and management strategy 

Opportunity. Diversify into other markets and grow your customer base

Funding.  We’ll signpost you to funding opportunities 

Growth. Finding new customers so you can grow your business

This is just a snapshot of what we offer, as support varies from business to business.  

So what’s involved?

The Advanced Advisory Service provides 12 hours of free support from a qualified and experienced consultant. Working with the consultant you will scope out your project and look at various options of how you can best capitalise on the support on offer. Don’t worry, we will hand hold you throughout the whole process to ensure you’re on the right course to achieve your business objectives.  

How does it work?

Your hand-picked consultant will act as your ‘critical friend’ and help you reach where you need to be.  Expect the sessions to be challenging and insightful, businesses often come away recognising that they need something different to what they thought to solve their issues.  You’ll work collaboratively on a plan of action, which will then be implemented by your consultant.   

We have access to a wide range of consultants in a variety of sectors which means we’d be hard pushed not to have the right person to help.

The end result? 

Perhaps it will be a bespoke report that helps you identify productivity optimisations? Or a strategy for a new product launch?  The approach and the outcome will vary from business to business, but the results are tangible so you’ll get something out of it.  We are passionate about what we do, and our aim is to have a significant and lasting positive impact on the performance of your business. 

How have other Cornish businesses already benefitted from the service?

An SME in the electronics industry wanted to make their processes more efficient and reached out to the Advanced Advisory Service. One of our consultants observed their production of wiring cables and implemented a reorganised production pattern, which saved 30 per cent of the total production time. This represents a huge saving, which ultimately improves the company’s bottom line.

A business working in advanced materials needed help prioritising which markets to target for growth. We arranged for Innovate UK’s High Value Manufacturing Catapult to visit the company for two days to observe the factory floor and share good advice. We also arranged for the Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre, based at Sheffield University, to offer five days to help them explore the autosport and advanced aerospace sector.    

Does that mean the Advanced Advisory Service can tap into advice outside of Cornwall?

Absolutely. The service has strong relationships across the UK with many universities and research and technology organisations. We can tap into an extensive network across the country to help share best practice, benchmark performance and arrive at the best solution for your business. We also have the expertise to develop contacts for National and Global exports offering your business the best opportunities to grow and diversify. 

How can my business get involved?

Believe it or not, the support is easy to apply for, and our dedicated team will ensure the process is kept simple. If you are a Cornish SME simply contact the BIG Productivity team and we’ll set up a meeting with you to establish eligibility and see how your company can benefit from the service we offer. You can email us at BIGTeam@cornwalldevelopmentcompany.co.uk or call 01872 322368.

Advanced Advisory Service is part of BIG Productivity, the £3.15m investment programme for small and medium businesses operating in Cornwall. BIG Productivity is financed by the European Regional Development Fund and delivered by Cornwall Development Company.

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