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Productivity software: five reasons to invest for your business

If you invest in the right productivity software, it can make all the difference. We’ve compiled five reasons why.

Productivity software can be a great investment for an SME (small and medium-sized enterprise) to make on its development journey. How you organise and keep track of your teams and projects is crucial to an efficient, well-run workplace. Particularly if your teams are splitting their time working at home and the office. If you invest in the right productivity software, it can make all the difference. We’ve compiled five reasons why.

1. Choosing the product that’s right for you

Business development is all about making informed decisions. When it comes to your productivity software, you need to decide if it’s right for you. 

Productivity software is supposed to do three things:

Help your business to get more done 

Give an overall view of workload

Notify team members of any potential obstacles

When used properly, it should be a powerful and scalable resource management tool. It should help to keep your team organised and lead to better business outcomes.

Many platforms will give you the choice to try before you buy. So, think about what systems and processes in your business could benefit from a new software approach.

Let your team experiment too. Productivity software is designed to be intuitive and easy to use. If the software isn’t working efficiently or is making more work, it’s time to shop around for a better solution.

2. Automation and less paperwork

Are there any easy, repetitive tasks that you could be automating with software? 99% of UK IT decision-makers have applied at least one automation tool within the last two years. Before the pandemic, one in six businesses had no automation plans in place at all.

Think about how much time your team are spending on the same small tasks every day. They probably require little to no brain power and effort. Their energy and skill set could otherwise be poured into something much more productive for the business.

That’s where productivity software comes in. Productivity software allows you to automate processes and is a great option for SMEs. Free yourself and your team of tedious tasks and reduce the amount of paperwork or data input involved.

Inspire creativity again as your team get back to doing the work they love. This is work that brings about thoughts and ideas that can be better directed towards business growth.

3. Project management 

If you want to keep your team productive while increasing efficiency, then investing in productivity software can help.

Typically, these platforms will allow you to see who is working on what and where they’re up to. All the pieces of the puzzle are on display. From planning to deadline day, the whole process can be laid out in front of you.

Deadlines can be met on time, progress updates shared, and you can clearly see the workload. 

If there’s a delay, you can see who or what is holding things up. From there, you can assess whether help or any other resource is needed to get things moving again. It’s a platform to aid business growth as well as productivity.

4. Real-time productivity software 

Software that works in real-time can be great for any sector. In particular, it can benefit those who work within manufacturing, supply chains and logistics. It all helps to enable decision-making, where access and data analysis is only a tap away.

It can also serve as a way to communicate collaboratively and work together to aid each other with any issues. This comes in particularly useful if you have a remote or hybrid workforce.

Productivity software will typically update itself and often introduce helpful new features. Overall, this can help you to stay relevant and on par with competitors.

5. The cloud 

Cloud-based productivity software can save you a lot of time if used to its full potential. In addition, it will also dramatically change how your business runs. You’re no longer tied down to paper records or bulky over-filled hard drives. Less time is spent searching through hundreds of files and folders to find something. Instead, everything sits in one place and doesn’t put a strain on your systems.

Items can easily be shared between the team, clients or customers. Above all, it’s easy to access and allows you to work in real-time. Moreover, you don’t need to wait for files to upload or download. Plus—it can be accessed from anywhere.

Business development with BIG Productivity 

Are you an SME in Cornwall looking to invest in software that boosts your productivity? Grant funding could be available from BIG Productivity. BIG Productivity is a £3.15m investment programme for SMEs operating in Cornwall. BIG Productivity is financed by the European Regional Development Fund and delivered by Cornwall Council. To find out more you can email us at BIGTeam@cornwall.gov.uk or call 01872 322368.

Find out more and apply for BIG2 funding by clicking here: APPLY HERE