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Hybrid working and its effect on productivity

Hybrid working is all the rage as people split their time between home and office. But how do you keep your hybrid teams productive?

The pandemic jump-started remote working, and eventually hybrid working, in offices across the world. Now, it has become the norm for many who see five days in the office as a distant memory. The number of UK workers switching to hybrid working is now 24% up from 13% at the start of 2022. You just need to search ‘work from home jobs’ to be flooded with results.

So, why the rise in popularity? Well, there are many benefits to allowing your staff to adopt a more flexible way of working. You will become a more attractive employer and in doing so you open yourself up to a wider talent pool.

In addition, it can also be great for increasing the productivity of your team. But how?

Work-life balance

Work-life balance is tricky to get right when a big chunk of your week is spent at the office. If employees can spend time on other activities around their work, it balances out.

More than three-quarters of people who did remote working in 2022 said it gave them an improved work-life balance. When you find the balance, you remove aspects of stress. Often, this can help contribute to better employee retention and increased productivity levels.

There are plenty of ways to succeed with hybrid working. However, this will differ across sectors, companies and even each employee. In listening to, and trusting your employees, you will see improvements in both productivity and efficiency. Why not help them out whilst boosting productivity by investing in software to help them better manage their time?

Software assets can ensure workloads are being managed, improve communication and save money. This could span everything from time logging, to schedule software and even reliable conference calling services.

Health and wellness

Another great benefit of hybrid working means that the health and wellness of your employees is considered first. Working from home means avoiding long commutes and the ability to take more restful breaks.

As a result, employees feel better in themselves. Less brain fog, fewer sick days and a relaxed environment. The trickle-down effect is that they’re more productive as a result.

Setting boundaries should also be a crucial step in introducing hybrid working. This ensures that the people undertaking remote working won’t overwork themselves or take advantage of being away from the office by not completing work

To overcome this some employers have started wellness programs. There are a number of remote/hybrid working health and wellness software options to support and facilitate employees whilst reassuring employers that their greatest assets are well supported. 

Productivity and hybrid working 

Hybrid working is an exciting opportunity for any business. Redefine what productivity means to you and how maximising it can sustain value. Financial value, but also the value of people.

Hybrid working is still a relatively new concept with many small to medium sized Cornish businesses still contemplating whether it would work for them. There is no single approach and there will be some challenges to overcome. However, there are a number of software options that can help.

Have you noticed a gap in productivity among your remote workers? Seek out software solutions that can help those employees to better conduct their jobs working from home.

Software investment plays a big role in assisting with the switchover to both remote working and hybrid working. It doesn’t just help you to manage your team. It also helps the team to manage their own workload. Your ability to collaborate and organise as a whole team will become more open and streamlined than ever.

Adjusting to new software can be a big jump for any business. This is particularly so if you’re not a heavy user to begin with. Cloud-based platforms and other digital software solutions host a multitude of helpful features.

Wondering where to start?

BIG Productivity

At BIG Productivity, we can support your business with hybrid working. We are an investment programme with revenue funding available. We can offer grant support towards things like consultancy and software, so if you’re an SME in Cornwall and you want to invest in your productivity, get in touch today.

BIG Productivity is financed by the European Regional Development Fund and delivered by Cornwall Council.



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